The Great Good Time Download PDF eBook

The Great Good Time Download PDF eBook


The book named The Great Good Time that written by Roz Kaveney was published by Angelica Entertainment Ltd publishing house on 02/01/2022. The Great Good Time has 58 pages.
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From the author of the Lambda Literary award-winning roman a clef, Tiny Piece of Skull, also available from Team Angelica Publishing, this chapbook is a passionate collection of highly personal poems by trans elder Roz Kaveney, most of them written in the white heat of the current moment of marked anti-trans hostility; others to mark Trans Day of Remembrance.

From the foreword: “In the autumn of 2021, well into the second year of Covid-19 and the start of the fifth year of the War On Trans, I noticed a lot of bleakness creeping into trans social media and thought it my job as a community elder to remind young people that things have been, if not worse, at least as bad in different ways.

Back in the late ’70s, when I transitioned, I acquired as my peer group a bunch of slightly younger trans women who I met around Soho, and for a short while became their landlady, bail person and wailing wall. I had middle class and educational privilege they didn’t – I hope I used it for the greater good. It was – as much as my time in Chicago – the making of me.

It taught me a lot about solidarity.

And then we all moved on. Some of them died: some of them are still alive.

The important thing about life in an embattled community is to have each other’s backs.”