Love and Other Puzzles Download PDF eBook

Love and Other Puzzles Download PDF eBook


The book named Love and Other Puzzles that written by Kimberley Allsopp was published by HarperCollins Publishers publishing house on 02/01/2022. Love and Other Puzzles has 288 pages.
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Following the clues doesn’t always lead you where you might expect …

A witty, warm-hearted and appealing novel about how stepping out of our comfort zones can sometimes be the best – and worst – thing that can ever happen to us.

Rory’s life is perfectly predictable, ordered and on track – just the way she likes it. She walks her 12,000 steps a day, writes her to-do list and each night she prepares her breakfast chia pods and lays out her clothes for the next day. She’s doing everything right. So why does everything feel so wrong?

Deep down, she knows her life and career – not to mention her relationship – are going nowhere, and so Rory, in a moment of desperation, takes an uncharacteristic step: letting the clues of The New York Times crossword puzzle dictate all her decisions for a week. Just for a week, she reasons. Just to shake things up a bit. What’s the worst that could happen?

A delightfully witty, deliciously original and astringently refreshing rom-com that reads like you’re inhaling a zingy citrus cocktail made by Nora Ephron, at a party thrown by Dolly Alderton and Beth O’Leary.

‘Warm, witty, charming and romantic, Love and Other Puzzles is a glorious debut. It’s so clever and satisfying and I can’t wait for the world to get their hands on it.’ Jessica Dettmann

‘Love and Other Puzzles has more heart than Harry Burns, more zingers than Daniel Cleaver and is hotter than Fitzwilliam Darcy emerging from a lake, partially clothed. If you love rom coms as I do, you will meet cute with this wonderful twist on the genre.’ Lauren Sams

Totally charming … a lovely and witty first novel about finding the gorgeous sweet spot between comfort and spontaneity … perfect for fans of Marian Keyes, Minnie Darke, Dolly Alderton and Meg Mason.’ Booktopia

‘A charming, clever and wickedly funny twist on, and homage to, the genre.’ Australian Financial Review