Key of Cunning Download PDF eBook

Key of Cunning Download PDF eBook


The book named Key of Cunning that written by Katie Lowrie was published by Kls Publishing Ltd publishing house on 01/15/2022. Key of Cunning has 300 pages.
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Baron Henrick.

Even his name tasted delicious on the tongue. Like treacle. Thick. Cloying.

There were the rumours, of course. Running rampant in a town as small as Beurre.

Baron’s six previous wives stayed at the edge of everybody’s minds.

The town was suspicious of everything. And everyone.

They warned people away. Warned them to not fall in love with a monster.

I didn’t listen.


Key of Cunning is a full-length, complete standalone in the Re-Imagined Series. It is a dark-ish, contemporary romance and is a modern-day re-imagining of the folk tale of Bluebeard. This book features mature themes and content that may not be suitable for all audiences. Reader discretion is advised.