Kalifriki Download PDF eBook

Kalifriki Download PDF eBook


The book named Kalifriki that written by Roger Zelazny was published by Wilder Publications publishing house on 02/09/2022. Kalifriki has 82 pages.
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He possessed a weapon more powerful than a Black Hole.

Kalifriki of the Thread

This is the story of Kalifriki of the Thread, the Kife, and the toymaker’s daughter-in the days of the shifter’s flight from the Assassin’s Garden, wherefrom it bore a treasure almost without price. But even a Kife can be followed by a Master of the Thread. For the Thread may wander anywhere and need not have an end; the Thread has more sides than a sword; the Thread is subtle in its turnings, perhaps infinite in the variations it may playin the labyrinths of doom, destiny, desire. No one, however, can regard every turning of fate from the Valley of Frozen Time. Attempts to do so tend toterminate in madness.

Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My Love

All the death-traps in the galaxy, and she has to walk into mine. At first I didn’t recognize her. And when I did I knew it still couldn’t be right, her, there, with her blindfolded companion in the sandals and dark kimono. She was dead, the octad broken. There couldn’t be another. Certain misgivings arose concerning this one. But I had no choice. Does one ever?