Interdiction Download PDF eBook

Interdiction Download PDF eBook


The book named Interdiction that written by Matt Hardman was published by Double Dagger Books publishing house on 02/18/2022. Interdiction has 362 pages.
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What would happen if one of the world’s most powerful private security firms went rogue?

The world of private security is a lucrative one, a collection of corporate armies built to compete in what has become a thirty billion dollar a year industry. Staffed largely by regular military and special forces veterans, these companies provide services to governments and the corporate world. And one of them is about to turn on the United States.

Daniel Evans has just been sworn in as the 46thPresident of the United States and his first major initiative is to fulfill his biggest campaign promise-the complete withdrawal of all American military personnel from the Middle East.

Nicholas DeGuerra is the CEO of TitanX Security, the world’s largest private security company. He’s a self-made man, a former Delta operator turned businessman who knows that the new president’s policy is a threat to his financial security. He’s just launched a desperate operation to save his company and his fortune.

Brian Thompson is a United States Navy Chief nearing retirement and looking forward to life after the military. A staffing shortage puts him onboard USS James E. Williams, an aging destroyer deployed to the Horn of Africa.

When a Pakistani nuke is stolen, the President of the United States sends Thompson and the USS Williams on a last-ditch interdiction mission to intercept the weapon and derail DeGuerra’s plan.