Forever Yours, Kitten Download PDF eBook

Forever Yours, Kitten Download PDF eBook


The book named Forever Yours, Kitten that written by Emilia Rose was published by Emilia Rose publishing house on 02/01/2022. Forever Yours, Kitten has 232 pages.
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Between Mars’s disappearance and the nightmares plaguing his nights, Ares falls into a pit of despair. All his life, he has depended on Mars to form intimate relationships and become the man Aurora and his pack need him to be, but when he’s suddenly alone, he fears that not only will he be a bad father to their pup, but that he won’t be able to protect his family from the destructive Hounds.


With the complete Malavite Stone in her possession, Aurora experiences harrowing memories of the past while figuring out how she can fight the Hounds and the Underworld Gods with a pup in her stomach. She’ll have to choose between her pup’s future and the future of the werewolf species.

When worse comes to worst, their only hope is to descend into the Underworld and stop the Hounds for good. But will they finally succeed this time or will their enemies trap them in the Underworld for good?

Find out when you download Forever Yours Kitten, a steamy paranormal romance that fans of Suzanne Wright and K.F. Breene will devour!