A Puzzling Clue Download PDF eBook

A Puzzling Clue Download PDF eBook


The book named A Puzzling Clue that written by Tim Myers was published by Barnes & Noble Press publishing house on 02/21/2022. A Puzzling Clue has 270 pages.
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This book, first published by Penguin/Berkley/Prime Crime as A Killer Column under the penname Casey Mayes, is now offered to you as A Puzzling Crime by New York Times Bestselling Author Tim Myers, first in the Puzzling Mystery series.

Savannah Stone’s puzzle editor and syndicator decides to fire several of his clients after bringing them all together, including Savannah. When she goes back to plead her case though, she finds that someone has decided to cancel the man himself, permanently. Suzanne must find the real killer based on the clues at the scene, or she’s in danger of being cancelled herself.


“Mayes is quite good at planting clues and red herrings. Those with a taste for the logic puzzles that Savannah creates may have more of an edge in solving this than readers who don’t, but there are hints that a non-puzzle oriented reader can use to figure out the solution. A DEADLY ROW is quite a pleasant traditional mystery, with just enough police procedural thrown in to keep it interesting.”
Reviewing The Evidence

This is obviously a well thought out and plotted series.”
Once Upon a Romance

“GRID FOR MURDER (A PUZZLING CRIME) is an adeptly written, intriguing mystery. I anxiously await the next book in this series!”
Fresh Fiction

“Lots of mysteries to enjoy with this one!”
The Neverending TBR

“Casey Mayes has written a fascinating amateur sleuth-police procedural starring a husband and wife couple who work well together.”
The Merry Genre Go Round Reviews

“This was a good mystery with a great plot and lovable characters. The bonus of three puzzle games (two of which I aced) added to the enjoyable series and I can’t wait to spend more time with the Stone family.”
Dru’s Book Musings